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Managing Your Assault Case: 10 Tips to Help You Find the Best Attorney

Managing Your Assault Case: 10 Tips to Help You Find the Best Attorney

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If you or someone you care about has been the victim of an assault, chances are you understand just how devastating and life-changing this experience can be. Victims often feel scared, helpless, and alone. But it is important to know that you are not alone—there are several legal options available to victims of assault. And, with that help and support comes a healthy dose of hope and healing.  

An experienced assault attorney is essential to helping assault victims get their life back on track after experiencing an assault. With the right legal representation, you’ll have the support and legal guidance needed to get the compensation and justice you deserve. 

After a physical and psychological trauma, it’s essential to minimize stress and focus on healing. An assault attorney will shoulder the burden of legal action for you, walking you through the process step-by-step, so you don’t have to traverse the complex landscape on your own. Instead, you’ll have the time needed to focus on your road to recovery. 

But, to take that first step in your journey to healing and justice, you will need to find a good lawyer.

To help you move in the right direction, here are 10 tips to consider, when selecting the right attorney for your case. 

Do Your research.

There are likely a host of assault attorneys available in your area. And, much like any other business, there are great options—and not-so-great options. To discern who can get the job done right, you’ll need to do some research. Look online. Read reviews. Make some phone calls. And ask your friends and family. Due diligence now can help ensure you find someone with whom you feel comfortable, and who can skillfully champion your legal case.

Ask Around.

One of the best ways to find any trusted attorney is through word of mouth. Your friends, family, and colleagues are a good network for you to tap into. Ask around to learn if anyone you  know has worked with an attorney in the past. Even if they’ve not worked with an assault attorney—finding the right connection may land that perfect referral, and connect you with a trustworthy ally. 

Read Reviews.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection of positive candidates, do some further research. You can hunt down online reviews on lawyer websites, Google-search lawyer names, and check out LinkedIn and social media to learn more about the candidates you’re considering. This can give you a good idea of what others have thought of their experiences.

Schedule A Consultation.

Once you’ve found a few lawyers you’re interested in, call each of them. Inquire about if they offer free or low-cost consultations. Meeting face-to-face can help you decide who may suit your case best. But, it will also give you a helpful opportunity to learn more about their personality, professional acumen, and work style.

Ask Questions.

Prior to meeting with prospective counsel, map out your questions and think about what you’re hoping to take away from your consultations. During your meeting, be sure to inquire not just about your specific questions—but, ask candidates about their  law experience and background, fees, any similar case work, and how they would handle your personal case.

Get Referrals Or Ask For References.

If you know anyone who has hired the assault lawyers you’re considering working with, ask for them to share feedback on their experiences. You can also ask during your consultation meeting if the lawyer or law office can share references for you to review.  

Consider Cost.

Assault cases can be very expensive. There are often consultation fees, hourly fees, and retainer costs to consider. Before making a hire or signing any paperwork, be sure you fully understand how billing will work. (You’ll also need to carefully consider your budget and exactly how much you’re able to spend.)  

Don’t Hesitate To Ask About Expertise And Experience.

When it comes to managing an assault case, you want a lawyer who has plenty of experience with cases similar to yours. During your consultation meeting or in separate inquiries, ask prospects if they have specific areas of expertise. Have them talk-through any similar cases they’ve both won and lost. For the latter, be sure to ask them what went wrong or what they would have done differently to improve their chance of reaching a favorable outcome. You can also ask attorneys you’re considering for hire how they specifically would use their background to win your personal assault case. 

Location Is Also Important.

If you’re dealing with an out-of-state assault charge, you may want to find a lawyer who is located near the court where your case will be tried. If instead the crime occurred in your home state or county, consider a law office that is close to your home, workplace, or personal family or friend network. You’ll want to be sure you can meet easily and frequently with your lawyer. Trying to manage long drives or difficult to access office locations will add undue stress to your situation.

Hire Someone You Feel Comfortable With.

This is more important than many people realize. Ultimately, the most important factor in choosing an assault lawyer is finding someone with which you feel comfortable. Managing any case, particularly something as intimate and personal as an assault, will require a lot of crucial info-gathering. This necessitates some rather personal conversations, which may be difficult for you. Having someone you trust and feel at ease with is crucial not just to your wellbeing—but the success of your case, too. The more comfortable you are, the more info you may be able to share with your lawyer. And, the more information your attorney has relating to your case, the more likely they’ll be able to win it.

If you have been the victim of an assault, it is important to find a good attorney who can help you through this difficult time. The attorneys at our firm are experienced in dealing with assault cases and will work hard to get you the best possible outcome. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your personal assault case.

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