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Defeat A DUI Charge

There are many routes to take a DUI case down. We’ve handled hundreds of DUI cases. This extensive background and experience allow us to determine the path with the highest chance of success.

Don’t Lose Your Drivers License

In Washington, you have only 10 days to save your license from suspension. The sooner you contact us the better.

Avoid A Criminal Charge

We are known for our meticulous attention to detail and analyze every factor in your case from beginning to end. We can devise a defense strategy with the highest chance of success.

Free Case Review

We are known for our meticulous attention to detail and analyze every factor in your case from beginning to end. We can devise a defense strategy with the highest chance of success.

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What We Do

DUI Defense

know your options

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you STILL have options when it comes to how your case is resolved. Having an attorney by your side is imperative to uncovering what those options are and how to best proceed.

Criminal Defense

you have the right to fight

Whether it is in State or Federal court, an experienced criminal defense attorney is your best chance to avoid losing your freedom. Do not let pride or lack of funds prevent you from getting the defense you deserve.

Traffic Tickets

Matter more than you think

Never pay a speeding ticket before finding out what your options are. Speeding tickets are serious. A defense strategy can save you money and your license.

Clear Your Record

get a clean slate

Put the past behind you today and start fresh. If you meet certain eligibility requirements you may be able to VACATE, SEAL, or EXPUNGE your criminal record. Including getting your FIREARM rights back.

Where to start

If you or a loved one have been arrested, booked or charged with a crime it is important you seek the advice of counsel to know what options, other than pleading guilty, are truly available. The first thing any client should do before hiring an attorney is to schedule an in-person consultation. This provides the client with an opportunity to discuss their case, and find out whether the attorney is the type of attorney the client wants fighting on their behalf.

Our Process

  • Complete an in-person consultation to understand your side.
  • File all necessary paperwork to begin the process.
  • Negotiate with the prosecution on a resolution when it is in the best interest of the client.
  • Thoroughly prepare for trial when negotiations have reached a stalemate or when it is in the best interest of the client.

Frequently Asked

You’ve Been Arrested for a DUI in Washington, Now What?
  • Full stop logo Do not make any admissions.
  • Full stop logoDo assert your rights to counsel immediately.
  • Full stop logoDo not submit to any tests without first speaking with your attorney.
  • Full stop logoDo not consent to any search of your person or property without first speaking with an attorney.
  • Full stop logoIf your attorney is unavailable, ask to speak with the public defender.
  • Full stop logoAlways be respectful. Law enforcement will try and make a record of everything you do or say.
What if I Know I’m Guilty of an Offense?
  • Whether you are guilty or innocent you still have important rights and it is important that a knowledgeable defense attorney protects these rights. A good attorney will advocate on your behalf and work to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. This may result in less jail time, less probation, a lower fine, or possible dismissal depending on the unique facts of your case.
Is Legal Counsel Worth the Cost?
  • Legal fees vary depending on the nature and complexity of each individual case. That is why a client can only determine if an attorney is worth the cost after they know exactly what is at stake. In many instances, an attorney can not only protect a client from jail time but may be able to negotiate lower fines which help offset their client’s out-of-pocket expenses.
Should I Hire an Attorney Even for a Minor Crime?
  • Even a minor offense can have serious long-term consequences. For example, a minor conviction may eliminate your eligibility to receive federally subsidized student loans or to enroll in certain graduate school programs. These convictions may also hinder your attempt to get hired by certain companies or within certain professions. If you hire an attorney, you may be able to successfully fight the charges, or the attorney may find ways to lessen the consequences of the offense.
If I Hire an Attorney, Can They Guarantee an Outcome?
  • No attorney should be able to guarantee an outcome of a case, but based on their experience in the courts and their interactions with opposing counsel, a good attorney should be able to lay out all possible outcomes and prepare their clients accordingly. Not all news will be good news, but honest news is the best way for a client to weigh their options.
What Should I Do if Law Enforcement Has Requested I Come In for Questioning?
  • You should discuss your options with an attorney before meeting with any law enforcement. It is vital that you consult with an attorney prior to speaking with the police in order to ensure your rights are protected.

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