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Defense Against Traffic Tickets for the Pierce County & Tacoma, WA Area


Let Us Fight Your Washington Traffic Ticket For You! Traffic tickets are more than just a nuisance. Though you can readily dispose of most tickets by simply signing your citation on the back, admitting guilt and sending in your fine or doing it online, the problem is that traffic fines can be several hundred dollars and result in a point, or points, on your driving record. Get too many points and you will have your license suspended.

A person is guilty of negligent driving in the second degree if, under circumstances not constituting negligent driving in the first degree, he or she operates a motor vehicle in a manner that is both negligent and endangers or is likely to endanger any person or property. This is an infraction with a fine not to exceed $550.

Description RCW
Driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drugs. 46.61.502
Physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug. 46.61.504
Vehicular Homicide 46.61.520
Vehicular Assault 46.61.522
Recless Driving 46.61.500
Racing 46.61.530
Embracing 46.61.665
Hit & Run 46.52.020
Attempting to elude a police vehicle 46.61.024
Driving while driving privilege suspended or revoked 46.20.342
Reckless endangerment of roadway workers 46.61.527
Driving under twenty-one driving or being in physical of commercial motor vehicle while having alcohol in system 46.61.503
Open container violation (driver) 46.61.519
Negligent driving in the first degree 46.61.5249
Negligent driving in the second degree 46.61.525
Hit & Run (unattended vehicle or property) 46.52.010
Disobey road sign 46.61.050
Disobey signalman, officer, or firefighter 46.61.015
Disobey school patrol 46.61.385
Speed too fast for conditions 46.61.400
Speed in excess of maximum limit 46.61.400
Speeding in a school zone 46.61.440
Failure to stop 46.61.055
Failure to yield right of way 46.61.180
Failure to keep right of way 46.61.100
Wrong way on a one way street or rotary traffic island 46.61.135
Improper lane change or travel 46.61.140
Straddling or driving over centerline 46.61.140
Driving on the wrong side of the road 46.61.150
Cross divider 46.61.150
Improper entrance to or exit from freeway 46.61.155
Violating restrictions on a limited access highway while driving a motor vehicle 46.61.160
High occupancy vehicle lane violation 46.61.165
Improper overtaking or passing 46.61.110
Passing stopped school bus 46.61.370
Passing stopped private carrier bus 46.61.375
Description RCW
Following too closely 46.61.145
Following fire apparatus 46.61.635
Crossing fire hose 46.61.640
Driving on sidewalk 46.61.606
Driving through safety zone 46.61.260
Driving while wheels of roadway 46.61.670
Impeding traffic 46.61.100
Improper turn 46.61.290
Prohibited turn 46.61.295
Failure to signal or improper signal 46.61.305
Improper backing 46.61.605
Unlawful operation of motorcycle on roadway 46.61.608
Reckless endangerment 9A.36.050
Failure to maintain control 46.61.445
Violation of license restriction 46.20.041
Violation of instruction permit restrictions 46.20.055
Violation of out-of-service order 46.20.090
Obstructed vision or control 46.61.615
Carrying passenger in towed vehicle 46.61.625
Carrying persons or animals outside of vehicle 46.61.660
Coasting on downgrade 46.61.630
Violation of child restraint requirements 46.61.687
Carrying child under the age of five years old on motorcycle 46.37.530
Carrying passenger improperly on motorcycle 46.61.610
No helmet, goggles, mirrors, windshield or face shield 46.37.530
Operating moped on freeway or sidewalk 46.61.710
Driving without lights 46.37.020
Failure to dim lights 46.37.230
Operating motorcycle without lights 46.37.522
No lamp, reflector, or flag on extended load 46.37.140
Wearing earphones or viewing television in vehicle 46.37.480
Failure to secure load 46.37.490
Spilling load 46.61.655
Improper towing 46.44.070
Using a hand-held mobile telephone while driving a commercial motor vehicle 46.61.667
Texting while driving a commercial motor vehicle 46.61.668(1)(b)

What Can the Michael Harbeson Law Office Do for You ?

  • No need to appear in court in most cases. We handle your representation and unless your ticket charge is a DUI or other serious misdemeanor matter that requires you to appear, we will appear for you.
  • No need to have for you take a traffic school course in many cases that our attorneys resolve.
  • No need to wait for hours for your case to be called or to have to negotiate with the prosecutor.
  • Amendment of your charges in many cases to non-moving violations that do not result in points on your record or suspension of your license.
  • No increase in your insurance premiums if no points are assessed.
  • If we take your case to trial and obtain a dismissal or not guilty verdict, no fines or costs are assessed.

Our fees are reasonable since we handle so many tickets and are efficient in resolving them to the satisfaction of our clients. Our success rate in getting tickets dismissed or reduced is phenomenal.

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